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We are a group of BMX Enthusiast, Racers, Parents,  Supporters and NBL Officials that support, maintain and operate the Hunterdon County BMX Track in Flemington New Jersey.
 The Best BMX Track in New Jersey
Continuing a 25 year tradition.

HotLine: 908-806-6645 Track phone

Bicycle Motocross, or BMX for short, is one of the
fastest growing kid's sports in the United States,
and Hunterdon County BMX offers the best in BMX racing.


What does FBMX Association do for you, the rider?

A good question; hopefully here's a good answer. First and foremost, this local non profit organization provides the structure for our track series in accordance with the requirements of the National Bicycle League.  While we do have fees for races, recognize that ALL our staff are unpaid volunteers and ALL proceeds from Track races are either paid out in operating expenses ( postage, printing, race fees to NBL, supplies, and the like) or in recognition to our riders.


Message from the President.

The Flemington BMX facility is owned and operated by volunteers.
We survive with the contributions of local and state business as well as private donations. If you would like to contribute please contact any board member.

The track is located on Route 12 Behind the County Library in Flemington New Jersey

 2004 Supporters

Hunterdon County BMX Sponsors –Race Year 2004

(Please mention you heard about them here at HCBMX)

Gold Level Sponsors:

Barbiche Brothers Construction Inc.

184 Pennsylvania Ave.





Shop Rite

272 Rt. 202





Northeast Tree Expert Co., Inc
 (Tree Maintenance & Removal)

318 Wertsville Rd.





Country Gardener Design
(Renaturalization, Herb Gardens, Perennials, Bulbs)

318 Wertsville Rd.





Pure Impressions
(Air/Water Filtration, Nutritional/Diet  Products)

2 Wilson Way





Silver Level Sponsors:

Applebee's/Doherty Enterprises, Inc.

7 Pearl Court




201-818-4669 x. 129

Hunterdon Cardiovascular Associates

1100 Wescott Dr., Suite G3





Susan M. Pincofski, D.M.D. P.C.
Paul S. Pincofski, D.M.D.

59 Reading Rd.





John B. Hoff and Son Plumbing and Heating

892 Sergeantsville Rd.





Stockton Fuel Oil

PO Box 276





John Martin Excavating

112 Ferry Rd.





Bronze Level Sponsors:

Flemington Furs

8 Spring St.






What's Here ?

BMX Track Schedule
Current Flemington BMX News

Current Flemington BMX Rider High Point Series
** New Jersey State Series Point Standings **
What is BMX ???
How to Recognize a BMX Parent

Come to the races and watch or race!! All ages Men and Women

If your old enough to pedal a bike, you can race BMX!!!

Next Board Meeting at the Flemington BMX Track (See Map)

Next Parent's Meeting (everyone is welcome to attend) at the Hunterdon County Library on:


Anyone interested in becoming involved with BMX can attend this meeting.

If you have any suggestions please send email or attend the meeting.

Any race or practice day is a good time for new riders to pickup new rider info and see the track and meet the officials.


The Hunterdon County BMX Association, Inc was formed in March, 1981 as a New Jersey Non-profit corporation organized by the parents of children who compete in bicycle motocross racing. Upon it's formation, the Hunterdon County Freeholders granted the Association a one-year lease to construct and operate a race track on a portion of County property immediately to the rear of the Hunterdon County Library Complex on Route 12, Raritan Township.

During the first three weekends of April, 1981, twenty-five to thirty volunteer dads, moms, children and local businessmen constructed the race track with literally hundreds of volunteer hours by parents and children ranging in age from 5 to 16. The course itself was laid out and designed by former Freeholder and Township Engineer, Frank Bohren, and made possible by the contribution of material and equipment by numerous Hunterdon County businesses. Exclusive of volunteer labor, approximately $3,200 was expended constructing the track, all of which was paid by donations.

The efforts of those who constructed the track were rewarded by the Grand Opening turnout of 186 riders, and averaged 185 riders per race for the remaining season.

The races were conducted and supervised by volunteer mothers and dads who donated over 2500 hours of time in maintaining the track and conducting the races.

The Association had received not only weekly reporting of it's races in local publications, but also in bicycling magazines such as the "BMX 'er".

In it's first year of operation, the Association had constructed a track, met all of it's operating expenses, conducted several free or give-away activities, was able to make the necessary year-end repairs and improvements to the track with a sufficient balance to begin the next year's racing season.


During the 1990 race season, we were notified by the Hunterdon County Freeholders that they had plans for a warehouse on the very location of out track!

Once we received permission to use the property and had it staked out by the Freeholders, we enlisted the help of Bob Tedesco, CEO of the National Bicycle League. Bob came to build the track .... every time he came it rained. By the fourth visit, he finally got the track built.

Then came the rest of the work. Fixing the trailer, installing the gate, putting up the fence, getting the electricity in, laying the hose for the water line, putting up the fence, doing what landscaping could be done .... all this work done by volunteers and with what little money we had left after trucking in the dirt for the track and renting the equipment!

The second year of the new track we were still putting in the finishing touches. We still have to look forward to paving the turns, building and announcer's tower, see about getting some lights up and many other things.


As you will see (if you pay us a visit), it is now 6 years later, we have remodeled the track and have done much to improve it and our surroundings. In 1996 Hunterdon County BMX held its first NBL National race. It was a major success. There where many comments by riders young and old that it was one of the nicest tracks they had ever ridden. As you will also see, we still have much work to do. We can use all the help that anyone can offer us. If you are willing to help when at the track, see any track official and they can get you started. For more information on how you can be a part of the Hunterdon County BMX Association please feel free to contact:


Changes for the new millennium!


Pending Needs for the 2001 season

Volunteers !!
Corner Marshals
Services - Porta San, Food & Beverage
Concession workers
and More...

How to Recognize a BMX Parent

..someone in your neighborhood asks you how old your kid is and your reply "13X".
..you automatically load up the bike and you're only going down to the corner store.
..you fall asleep at the wheel of your car and it takes you to a track instead of home.
..the only clean clothes in the house are a pair of leathers and a jersey.
..you are late for work but never late for sign-ups.
..your kid's bike is insured for more than your car.
..you develop a craving for hot dogs.
..you throw out the spare tire in your trunk to make room for a bike.
..you can't decide whether to go to your sister's wedding or to a double pointer.
..your kid's birthday cake has a miniature BMX track on it and all the gifts are bike parts.
..a Sunday drive in the country means you're going to a race in another state.
..the first item on your monthly budget is entry fees and not the mortgage payment.
..your magazine rack contains only BMX magazines and you aren't interested in Good Housekeeping anymore.
..the stoplight at the corner turns green and you try for a hole shot.
..you can't remember the birth dates of your family but you can remember the birth date of every rider in your kid's class.
..someone mentions a table top and you look for a pile of dirt.
..your kid's bike is color-coordinated and your living room is not.
..it rains during a race and you put your umbrella over your kid's bike instead of over your head.
..you try to claim a local bike shop on your income tax.
..you save postage on your entire Christmas card list because you can pass them all out at the track.
..you are flabbergasted by the price of hamburger but not the price of a titanium bottom bracket.
..no one can understand what your saying but another BMX er.
..you think this column is the gospel truth.

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