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2009 State Standings
Updated Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Jersey State Series Info
New Jersey State Team Series Info

NJ State Qualifier #1 EHT May 9th

NJ State Qualifier Pottstown Race 1
NJ State Qualifier Pottstown Race 2

NJ State High Points

NJ Cumulative Points


The NJBMX assoc., Inc., is a non-profit organization which will give support and encouragement to the concerns and interest of bicycle motocross racers of New Jersey.

State Officials

State Commissioner - Scott Cranmer /

Assistant State Commissioner - Vinny Mannino

Secretary - Lisa Heath /

Treasurer - Nancy Haugh /

NJ Clerk - Cathy Knapper /


Track Representatives to the NJBMX board:

Matt Danek
Loren Hamblin

Vinny Mannino
Dale Maghan
Mike Rezekowski

Linda Vanderhoff
Janeen Welsh
 Brian Grabel

Ed Wilson
Steve Lewis
Glen Knapper

Hazleton BMX
Pat Stella

NJBMX Committees:

Presidents Cup
Anthony Brown
Brian Grabel
Nancy Haugh
Craig Wilson

Vinny Mannino
Anthony Brown
Loren Hamblin

Awards & Ceremony
Janeen Welsh
Lisa Heath
Craig Wilson

Vinny Mannino  
Janeen Welsh 
Matt Danek

Tracks Governed by the New Jersey BMX Association.

Central Jersey BMX in Howell, New Jersey
Egg Harbor Township BMX in Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Hunterdon County BMX in Flemington, New Jersey
Hazleton City View in Hazleton, PA
Trilogy Park in Pottstown, PA




Come to the races and watch or race!! ages 3 - 68

If your old enough to pedal a bike, you can race BMX!!!

Download the 2009 State Series info (.PDF)
Download the 2009 Registration form (.PDF)

NJ BMX, Inc. 2009 State Championship Series

Event Dates

Qualifier 1: May 9
th – EHT, NJ
Qualifier 2: June 6
th – Howell, NJ
Qualifier 3: June 7
th – Howell, NJ
Qualifier 4: July 11
th – Hazleton, PA (ran at Regional event)
Qualifier 5: July 12
th – Hazleton, PA (ran at Regional event)
Qualifier 6: August 8
th – Pottstown, PA (Rain date – Sunday, August 9th)
Qualifier 7: August 8th – Pottstown, PA (ran approx 45 minutes after 1st race)

August 22 Qualifiers moved to Sunday due to weather.
Qualifier 8: August 23
rd – Flemington, NJ
Qualifier 9: August 23rd – Flemington, NJ (ran approx 45 minutes after 1st race)
Qualifier10: Sept. 19
th – EHT, NJ

Championship: October 10th - Howell, NJ


· All NBL licensed members are eligible to participate in the New Jersey State Series.


Race Requirements

· Riders MUST participate in a minimum of, but not limited to, 5 local races, a minimum of, but not limited to, 3 state qualifiers and the championship.

· A maximum of 10 local races, 5 state qualifiers, and the State Championship will be used to determine final state point standings.

· All Bob Warnike Scholarship races can be used as single point locals to meet your 5 local race requirement.

· A New Jersey BMX State Qualifier can be used as a single point local to meet your 5 local race requirement ONLY if you have already met your 3 state qualifier minimum.

· Superclass and Elite riders will not need to participate in local races. They will need to race a minimum of 1 state qualifier and the State Championship to qualify for a state plate.

· Local and State Qualifier races will be run under the NBL local program.

· Those riders failing to fulfill the minimum race requirements will ONLY be eligible to participate in open class and will not earn any awards or state ranking.

· Riders who are QUALIFIED to race the State Championship, but are unable to attend the race due to illness, injury, or other valid reason, must notify the State Clerk in writing within 7 days of the State Championship. All exemption requests will be forwarded to the NJ State Commissioner for approval. Upon approval, the exempt rider will obtain their state ranking, however, they will NOT be eligible to represent New Jersey at the 2009 President’s Cup.

· It is the responsibility of the rider and parents to maintain an accurate record of the required races.


· Main events will be run at all State Qualifiers and the State Championship. All Classes will have a main event.

· Point Structure is as follows…..

· Local Races (All - including Warnike): Single Points only. Moto points ONLY, main points will NOT be included! (Not all tracks are having main events)

· Qualifiers are: Double Points and WILL include main points.

· Championship: Triple Points and WILL include main points.

(Note: Points will be awarded according to NBL rules.

· All point protests MUST be submitted to the State Clerk in writing and include the race locations and dates of such protests, any information not included in the written protest will not be recognized. With the assistance of the local track clerk, research and corrections, if necessary, will me made.

· Updated points will be available for review, within 1 week of completion of each state qualifier, to verify your points and state series standings, visit

NJ State High Points

· This high point series is in addition to the NBL State high points and is exclusive to the NJ BMX State Series.

· All NBL licensed riders can participate at tracks affiliated with the NJ BMX Association and the points that they earn will be applied to their NJ State High Points.

· This series is open to all proficiencies and run from January 1 thru November 31.

· NJ State High Point Series awards include....

· The top three (3) winners in each proficiency (Rookie, Novice, Expert, Cruiser & Girls) will receive awards that will be presented at the annual banquet.


· All riders that place 1st through 8th in the main event at the State Qualifiers and have paid for the trophy will receive the state award of the day otherwise only earned points will be awarded

· All riders that place 1st through 8th in the main event at the State Championship and have paid for the trophy will receive the state award of the day otherwise only earned points will be awarded; however, all participants will receive the year end state award for the series if qualified.

· All qualified riders in each group (Rookies, Novice, Expert, Cruiser, and Girls) will be issued a state plate indicating the place where they finished in the state series; all plates will be issued at the Annual Awards Banquet.

· Riders racing in the State Championship, except open classes, will be awarded a number plate indicating the place where they finished in the New Jersey BMX State Series.

· All riders earning a plate number from 1st through 15th will be invited to represent the State of New Jersey at the President's Cup Competition. Additional information related to the Presidents Cup can be found at

· Tie Breakers for the State Championship will be determined by the last moto finish at the State


· A year end award ceremony will be held in Nov/Dec to celebrate all of New Jersey BMX State Champions and participants.


· Registration for all state qualifiers and championship can be done via mail (pre-registration) or in person at the scheduled event.

· Pre-Registration for Qualifiers and the State Championship will afford riders a $5 discount and will guarantee the trophy of the day if paid for.

· Registration forms can be found at or pick one up at your local track.

· Deadline for pre-registration is 10 days before the scheduled event.

· Checks or Money Order ONLY, payable to NJ BMX.

NOTE: A $35.00 Fee will be assessed for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

Mail completed forms and payment to:

Cathy Knapper
361 N Franklin Street
Pottstown, PA 19464

· Post Registration for Qualifiers and the State Championship will be held at the host track the day of the scheduled event.

Scheduled Registration: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Race: 11:00 AM


Qualifiers & Championship:

· Expert, Novice, Girls, Cruiser, and Rookies

· $15.00 Pre-registration POINTS ONLY

· $20.00 Post-registration POINTS ONLY

· $25.00 Pre-registration Trophy

· $30.00 Post-registration Trophy

· Open Classes 15 & under

· $15.00 (No Award)

(Only a limited supply of trophies will be available at the track for post registration. They are on a first come first served basis.)

NEW FOR 2009

Family Discount

Families of 3 or more will receive a discount on race fees when they pre-register. The discount is… first 2 full price, the 3rd is $12, 4th is $10, and the 5th is $10 (This is for one class only per person)

Family of 3 = Points only $42 (Trophy add $10/person)

Family of 4 = Points only $52

Family of 5 = Points only $62

You MUST pre-register to receive the discount. If you register at the event it will be FULL price.

Class/Cruiser Discount

If a rider races class and cruiser they will receive a discount. Class will be full price (or included in family discount) and then their cruiser class will be $10. Rider MUST register and race both bikes. This can't be transferred to any other member of the family.

Class & Cruiser = Points only $25.00 (Trophy add $10/class)

You MUST pre-register to receive the discount. If you register at the event, it will be FULL price for class & cruiser. NO discounts on day of the event.

NOTE: All riders qualifying in class and cruiser will only receive 1 awards banquet ticket.

Perfect Attendance

Any rider who races every NJ State Qualifier will receive their State Championship race fee FREE. This will be for either class or cruiser or both if they register and race both at every qualifier.

Rules of Competition

· The State Officials will enforce the rules set forth in the NBL 2009 Official Rules of Competition.

Proficiency Upgrade

· THERE WILL BE NO PROFICIENCY FREEZE DATE. A rider will race the proficiency held at the time of the State Championship Race.

· All riders that experience proficiency upgrade must inform the State Clerk.

· If it is determined that a rider knowingly races in the wrong proficiency; the rider will be immediately reclassified and earn zero points for races raced in the wrong proficiency.

· There will be no freeze date for the State Series.

· It is the responsibility of the rider and/or parent to ensure that proficiency updates are reported to the State Clerk and are properly noted on moto sheets.

· Sandbagging will not be tolerated.

· If any Rookie or Novice rider is determined by the officials to have intentionally avoided getting a move up award towards advancement to the higher proficiency; he or she will be moved to last place and awarded two move up awards for that race. The referee can recommend the rider being moved to the higher proficiency." This has been pulled directly from the NBL 2009

Official Rules of Competition.


· NBL rules will be strictly enforced.

· All participants at any sanctioned event, as well as those in their company, are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

· Riders may be penalized, and even suspended, for failure to meet those standards.

· This is a FIRST WARNING to all who attend state races.

· To riders a second warning will result in disqualification for the day.

· A third warning will result in suspension of racing for two weeks at any NJ BMX affiliated track.

· NO refunds will be given to any rider who is disqualified.


· Appropriate equipment must be used as outlined in the 2009 NBL Rulebook.

· The referee at any event may disqualify a rider if the equipment/attire does not meet NBL standards.

· The numbers displayed on the designated plate must be a minimum of 3 inch in height or larger, and be legible; all must be free of stickers.

· It is the sole responsibility of the rider and or parent to confirm before the event starts that the number displayed on the bike is the same number that the rider has registered with. (Note: All registered information should and shall be verified when the Moto’s have been posted, any discrepancies found should be corrected before the first gate drops)


· Race cancellations due to inclement weather will be determined by the NJ State Commissioner and the host Track Director.

· All changes in the race schedule will be posted on

· Any rider that chooses to withdraw from any Qualifier Race or the State Championship can expect to get a 100% refund of their registration fee if, and ONLY if, they withdraw before the end of registration.

· Registrants that have registered to race at a Qualifier can expect a100% refund if the said event is cancelled do to weather related condition

· Registrants that have registered to race at a Qualifier will NOT receive a refund of any amount if the said event has completed two full rotations of moto’s for that event. The two moto system set by the NBL will be in effect. Points will be earned for the event and awards will be distributed.

· There will be no refund for pre-registrations for the State Championship event, if the event is cancelled due to weather related conditions, the event will be rescheduled and or relocated to another time, pre-registration will be applied to the rescheduled race.

If you have Questions about the New Jersey BMX Association
please contact
the State Commissioner.
For info on the state meeting check the NJBMX Forum


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