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New Jersey BMX took 7th at the 2008 President's Cup:

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We are back!!!  NJBMX took 7th at the 2008 Presidentís Cup!!!  One little point behind 6th place!  Our riders did awesome, and our fans got an honorable mention for the spirit award!   We had a GREAT turnout!  A BIG, BIG thank you to all of the riders and their families who travelled to Lexington, VA for the race.

We would first like to congratulate the following riders who WON their class:

Richard Block                         41+ Novice     1st
Jeremy Knapper                     17-24 Cruiser  1st
Ronnie Burwan                       6 Rookie          1st

We would also like to recognize the following riders who made their mains:

Danny Smith                           Elite                 4th
Tim Sullivan                            Elite                 5th
 James Drozak                       41+ X              5th
Taylor Eisenhart                      26-34 X           3rd
Emmanuel Paulino                 19-25X            4th
Tom Martin                             19-25X             8th
Jeremy Knapper                     17X                  3rd
Victor Behm                            14X                  4th
Paul Filippone                         13X                  4th
Justin Knapper                        12X                  4th
Mike Reskowski                     11X                  2nd
Mattie Cranmer                       11X                  3rd
Kevin Lauer                             9X                    5th
Michael Gradwell                    8X                    2nd
Gabe Hatem                           8X                    7th
Robert Wanless                      35-40N            7th
Mike Kuzmission                     26-34N            2nd
Carl Risley                              19-25N            4th
Jacob Kulp                              12N                 6th
Jeremy Haney                         11N                 2nd
Nicholas Leon-Granza            9N                   8th
Slade Lapusnak                      8N                   8th
Shannon Walsh                       17+G               3rd
Sarah Welsh                           17+G               6th
Krista Zbikowski                      15G                 6th
Taylor Farside                         13G                 2nd
Jessica Lewis                          9G                   3rd
Michelle Pautler                      8G                   8th
Alexandria Hadfield                7G                   6th
Josh Borntrager                      11R                 8th
John Stempa                          10R                 5th
Jake Taylor                             9R                   5th
Aiden Timmons                       5R                   6th
Rich Lauer                              45-49C            3rd
Rob Kerezsi                            40-44C            4th
Frank Young                           40-44C            5th
Dan Mleczko                           35-39C            4th
John Bertles                            35-39C            5th
Ron Berwan                            30-34C            4th
Dan Pautler                             30-34C            7th
Victor Behm                            13-14C            2nd
Justin Knapper                        11-12C            8th
Michael Gradwell                    8&underC        2nd
Gabe Hatem                           8&underC        4th
Heather Havens                      17-29W C        3rd


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