What is X-10 ???

X-10 is an electronic system that allows you to control lights, heating and cooling, just about any thing electrical even the curtains, garage doors and gates.

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Basic installation is very easy for lamps and plug in items.

The minimum requirements are one control unit and one control module.

There is no wiring just plug in the control unit and plug the lamp you wish to control in to a module then the module into an outlet and that's about it.

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There are several types of modules and switches to replace existing wall switches.

In a completely automated home all lights, pool pumps, and security systems are manageable or run by X-10 control units.  In my home I have a CP-290 which connects to my pc and I control most of the lights in the house including the Xmas lights.  I can also control everything via the web!  Just login to my home website and turn on, off or dim any controlled unit from any where in the world.

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The software I use accepts Longitude and Latitude so that assorted lights can be set to go on,  off or dim relative to sunrise and sunset. So the front porch light comes on 10 minutes after the sun sets everyday and year round.   So your sitting in the sunroom reading a book and as the sun set lights in the room brighten so that you never miss a word.  All this and my pc is not involved except for periodic programming updates.

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If you are in the New Jersey Metro area and need a Home Automation consultant or Installer leave email for jmorgan@njbmx.org .   Metro Area is Boston to Baltimore.

There are several places to find X-10 modules: Radio Shack, Sears, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and most major appliance, hardware and electrical supply places.

But if your wish to install programmable controllers and switches you may need a pro.

Some uses:

Your in bed and you see that you left a light on. With X-10 reach over to the night stand and turn the light or lights off.

Your a busy working professional and like to come home with a few lights on and the hot tub warmed up and ready to go.

Forgot to turn the fan off, curlers, or the garage door?  Phone home or look for your nearest net access.

A major advance to the "Clapper" you can dim a variety of lamps  to different levels of light.  Setting just about any mood for your home.  With a different theme for each day of the week any time of day.

Forced air heating systems can even be set up for zoned heating or cooling.

Your only limits are imagination and budget.  Starter Systems cost as little as $30.

Shopping Tip = Look for sales and find several vendors, compare prices.

And above all ask a pro - Jeff Morgan Email jmorgan@njbmx.org

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