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Tom Inhken

Tom Inhken

Jersey City

Steven Cohen

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Steve Cohen 

Steve Cohen

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Side Cars in BMX?? Yep!! Vintage 1980


Tom Inhken Vintage 1980


Tom Inhken Vintage 1980


East Coast Nationals
Tom Inhken Jersey City Armory Vintage April 20,1980


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Steven Cohen 1978 at the Jersey City Armory


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Vintage 1978 -  Indianapolis, World Championships.
Number 103 is Eddie King won the pro open.


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1978 World Championship in Indianapolis Indiana


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1978 Indianapolis Worlds.
Factory Team Jag finished first that year.




Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen


From 1979.. Craigmier NJ track... Stu Thomsen on his Prototype Quad I built him... He won fisrt time out on it.. !!!! That was a great track.. I remember the tracks there well... Vineland.. Craigmier... Teaneck, North Bergan and others..
The OM.. Scot Breithaupt TheOMofBMX@aol.com

1974... Yamaha Gold Cup.. winning the Pro Main on a 65 pound full suspension MotoBike... LOL

Here's when Big Daddy Eric Rupe was #1 NBL Pro on SE Racing


Down slightly but with 434 riders and 99 motos, there was still very good competition.

WOW !!! I am impressed !!! Big race... is that a local one? Or Championship event?

Smiles OM...

Here's a pic for the Old Schoolers... THE infamous SE bus...

This is Harry Leary & I in Las Vegas at a NBL National... 1980..
The OM.. Scot Breithaupt TheOMofBMX@aol.com

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