Hunterdon County BMX in Flemington, New Jersey
Egg Harbor Township BMX in Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Central Jersey BMX in Howell, New Jersey
Trilogy Park in Pottstown, PA

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New Jersey State Series Point Standings

New Jersey State Team Series Point Standings

2007 State Qualifiers:

May 5                 Egg Harbor BMX

May 19th & 20  Trilogy Park

July 14th & 15   Hunterdon County BMX

Aug 18th & 19  Central Jersey BMX

Sept 15              Egg Harbor BMX


October 6         Hunterdon County BMX

8:30am - 11:45pm


To qualify for the State Championship race:

local races (single points).
3 State Qualifier (double points).
The State Championship Race (single points)

The Following will be counted towards state ranking:

10 Local Races (single points)
5 State Qualifiers (double points)
And the State Championship race (single points)

Plaques for State Series sold separately at each State Qualifier.

Race Day Registration

$20.00 Points only (no award)


Qualifiers and Championship:
9:00am -10:30 am Saturdays
9:30am -10:30 am Sundays

Any registration taken after 10:30 a.m. will have a $5.00 late fee added to each entry.


No trophy or bucks registration after cut off date, or day of race.

Pre Registration

Pre-registration forms also available at all tracks

$15.00 Points only (no award)
$25.00 Trophy or BMX Bucks:

PRE-REGISTRATION Forms must be received by mail no later than 10 days prior to the race.

16 & Over Money Opens: $20.00 100% payback
***MUST RACE CLASS TO RACE OPENS*** No exceptions!

Must have 8 riders in open to have Hole Shot Award




All licensed NBL members are eligible to participate in the series.

All Bob Warnicke Scholarship races can be used as single point locals to meet your 10 local requirement.

THERE WILL BE NO PROFICIENCY FREEZE DATE.  A rider will race the proficiency held at the time of the State Championship Race.

Non-qualified riders can participate in the State Championship Race in the Open class ONLY(NO AWARD)

Number plates will be awarded to all who race in the Championship Race. Except Open Class.

Riders who are short a local race may choose to use either a State Qualifier or Warnicke Scholarship (double points) race as single point to fulfill their minimum required races.

Riders who are QUALIFIED to race the Championship, but are unable to attend the race, must notify the State Clerk in writing within 7 days of the Championship to earn their State Ranking and qualification to the Presidentís Cup.

Go to for more information on the President's Cup Race.

Riders and their parents are wholly responsible in knowing how many races their rider has towards the Championship. The State Board will not be responsible to notify riders of shortages. If a posting is made regarding the shortage of races, it will be done on the NJBMX Forum, or NJBMX webpage on the website.

Rain Dates for State Qualifiers or the Championship will be posted on the NJBMX Forum, NJBMX webpage on the website. The host track of the rained out race will also place an announcement regarding the new date on their answering machine as soon as a new date is set.

The A Pro will not need to race the local races.  They will need to race at least 1 of the state qualifiers to race the state championship and qualify to a state plate.

Local and State Qualifier races will be run under the NBL local program.

Points will be capped from each dayís race. Mains will count up to cap. This means there will be a maximum number of points you can use to qualify for the Champion ship Race. The Championship race will be single points. There will be no cap on the Championship Race.

NO FOUL LANGUAGE, POOR SPORTSMANSHIP OR GESTURES will be tolerated within the track facility. This is a FIRST WARNING to all who attend state races. To riders a second warning will result in disqualification for the day. A third warning will result in suspension of racing for two weeks at any New Jersey track. No refunds will be given to any rider who is disqualified.

Special Notes:
If a rider qualifies for the Championship and is unable to race it due to illness, injury or other valid absence, he or she can still earn their state ranking (last place in their class) and qualify for the President's Cup by sending a letter to the State Clerk within 7 days of the Championship stating why they cannot race.








1.                  There will be one team categoryís: State Team.

2.                  State Teams must turn in their team roster at the first qualifier they race to a NJBMX State Team Representative, Nancy Haugh or Les Vanderhoff.


4.            Submitted along with the original team roster there MUST BE A SIGNED COMMITMENT FORM FROM EVERY RIDER LISTED ON THE TEAM ROSTER. This commitment form must be signed by the rider, parent (if under 18) and the Team Manager.

5.            Riders who are not on a current seasonís State Team roster are eligible to be added to a team seven (7) days prior to the race in which he/she will be competing.

6.            When a team drops a rider, the team manager must notify a State Team Representative, in writing of the change in the roster, this rider is ineligible to ride for another team for one Qualifier weekend.

7.            When a rider voluntarily leaves a team or wishes to change teams, that rider must notify a State Team Representative in writing, to have his/her name removed from that team roster. This rider is ineligible to ride for another team for one Qualifier weekend after the new team notifies a NJBMX State Team  Representative in writing of the change in the roster.

8.             If a rider has been reclassified, that rider cannot be used on a team sheet in any class until he or she returns to their original proficiency.

9.             All team rosters will be frozen as of July 2, 2007 .

10.           Each team member should be dressed in the team jersey, if possible.


1.              Team managers may enter up to two teams per race. Only the best of the two scores will be counted.

2.              All team sheets must be signed by the Team Manager or designated agent and must be   submitted to the NJBMX State Team Representative before the start of the race.

3.             The best scored team sheet MUST be turned in at the NJBMX trailer within fifteen minutes of the completion of the last moto or it will not be counted for that days race event.

4.             Each team sheet shall consist of 4 riders. You may submit a team sheet of less than 4 riders.

5.             Classes: Experts, Pros, Novices, (1)Rookie, (1)Open, (2) entrees from Girls or Cruisers classes combined. This is the maximum number of riders in a proficiency/class you may use.

6.             Only registered riders who are at the event may be used on team sheets.

7.             A rider may not be used twice on the same team sheet.

8.             A rider may not be used in the same class on two team sheets.

9.             In the event of a rain-out teams must be registered for both days of competition in order to compete for the double points and double monies. All scoring riders on the team sheet must also be registered for the day. If a race on Sunday is not completed, Saturday's form will be used.

10.            Announced results of team finishes for the day are unofficial and will be checked at a later date for final determination of results.


In the event of tie scores between teams at a race, the tie will be broken according to the following format:

1st tie breaker: most first place finishes.

2nd tie breaker: most second-sixth place finishes.

3rd tie breaker highest classification of riders, Pros ranks highest, then Expert by age oldest down, Girls by age, Cruisers by age, Novice by age, Rookies by age, Opens by age.

Any tie in season points will be broken according to how the teams placed at the Championship Race.


                                                1ST PLACE                               -           50

                                                2ND PLACE                              -           45

                                                3RD PLACE                              -           40

                                                4TH PLACE                              -           35

                                                5TH PLACE                              -           30

                                                6TH PLACE                              -           25


Every legally entered State Team is eligible for the prizes or awards of the day.

State Team will be 100% pay back of the entry fees collected that day, also 100% will go towards year-end awards. Awards will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes.

All teams that qualified for the Championship Race and participated in the Championship Race will be eligible for year-end awards.




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