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1998 - 2002

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The 2001 New Jersey State Team Champion with
7 of the Number One riders in the State of New Jersey
6 of the Number One Riders in the Northeast Region

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BMX Team Roster
Name Class History Track State Regional National
John Anderson 31 N/Cruiser 1 Yr HCBMX #1/#4    
Brian Busto 13 X/Cruiser 6 Yrs HCBMX #1/#1 US1/US1 #7/#3
Marcus Dixon Super 4 Yrs HCBMX N/A N/A N/A
Chris Klamka 18 X/Cruiser 7 Yrs HCBMX #4/#2 US3/US2 #37/#10
Joey Kuhfahl 9 X/Cruiser New CJBMX #1/#1 #5/#6  
Jeff Lamb 32 X/Cruiser New HCBMX #1/#1    
Austin Mahoney 12 Novice 1 Yr HCBMX #1 N/A N/A
Christopher Moore 26 X/Cruiser 2 Yr HCBMX #3/#2 US2/US1 N/A
Greg Morgan 15 Expert 7 Yrs HCBMX #1/#1 US1/US1 #3/#3
Jim Mulhern IV 14 X/Cruiser 7 Yrs HCBMX #4/#4 US3/US5 #14/#10
Jim Mulhern III 41 N/Cruiser 7 Yrs HCBMX /#1 US1 #17/#12
Sean Mulhern 13 Rookie 7 Yrs HCBMX #3 US1 #10
Jackie Pezzuti 9 Rookie 5 Yrs HCBMX #1 N/A N/A
Daniel Smith Jr. 45 Cruiser 6 Yrs HCBMX #3 N/A N/A
Danny Smith III 12 X/Cruiser 7 Yrs HCBMX #1/#1 US1/US1 #4/#4 / W6
Sean Wilson 31 Cruiser 1 Yr HCBMX /#5    

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North Jersey Racing BMX Team

Marcus-6.jpg (89550 bytes) Chris Klamka

Danny Smith III

Marcus Dixon Chris Klamka Christopher Moore Danny Smith III
Austin Mahoney John Anderson Jackie Pezzuti Sean Wilson

This is a BMX Race team for New Jersey.

Anyone interested in becoming a Team Sponsor please contact:
Jeff Morgan at jmorgan@njbmx.org

Our Motto: BMX is the BEST Family Sport.

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Team Officials
 Manager: Debby Smith
Captain: Christopher Moore

"WE Get by with a little Help from our Friends":

North Jersey Carpet - Hopatcong, New Jersey
SKS Associates - Lebanon, New Jersey
Vernon Bicycle - Vernon, New Jersey

Mountain Creek
Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek
Vernon, New Jersey

TB Trophies & Awards

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Fairfield, NJ

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Answer Products

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KMC Chain industrial Co., LTD.

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Velocity USA

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Join us, Become a North Jersey Racing Sponsor

If you would like to join our list of sponsors please contact our
Team Manager:
Debby Smith

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