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BMX Terms

Axle: The shaft on which the wheel revolves.
The outside edge of the tire. which is stiffened by a wire.
Banked mound used for turn
BMX: Abbreviation for bicycle motocross
BMX Today: NBL Monthly Newspaper
BOTTOM BRACKET: The mechanism at the bottom of the bicycle frame holds crank and peddles
CADENCE: A string of words a starter uses to prepare riders for the drop of the gate
CRUISER: A bike that has a 24" wheel.
DROP-OFF: A step drop in the race track
ENDO: End over end crack up
EXPERT: The most advanced racing class. An experienced and skilled rider.
GATE: The thing riders line up against for the start of the race, you go when it drops.
HOLE SHOT: Taking lead position out of gate.
JOFA: Plastic mouth protector that snaps onto open faced helmet.
LEATHERS: Nylon/Kevlar racing pants that are padded for protection.
The "Christmas Tree" lighting in front of the starting gate. Gate drops on green light.
MAIN: The final moto of a particular class to decide who wins.
MEGA: Big, huge, ultra
MINI: Smaller, lightweight racing products made for younger riders.
MOTO: A group of up to eight riders of the same class who will race each other.
MOTO SHEETS: Written forms with all the information about a riders class
NATIONAL: A large race attended by riders from all over the country.
NBL: National Bicycle League - the sanctioning body.
NOVICE: The class a rookie advances to.
OPEN CLASS: An optional 2 age class just for fun (no points)
PERFECT: When a rider places first in all his motos, in a particular class at an event.
PRO: Someone who rides for cash awards.
Pro/Am race: A race containing professional BMX riders and Amateur riders.
PROFICIENCY: Riders skill level: Expert, Novice, Rookie
RAD: Wild, Insane, Crazy.
RACE FACE: Goggles attached to a jofa-like mouth piece.
REGIONAL: Large race with riders from the regional area
ROLLERS: A series of bumps - 3, 4, 6, and 8 packs of them
ROOKIE: A rider who is learning to race.
SIMI: The final qualifying moto to determine who will transfer to the main.
An illegal gate start that helps you get out of the gate faster (don't get caught).
SPEED JUMP: A little jump on the track that is faster to ride over.
SQUIRRELY: Not in control, wobbly.
SWEEPER: A flat curve on a track
SWEET: Something that is Very Nice.
SWOOP: To pass someone in a turn
A jump with a long flat top. Some are as low as 2 or 3 feet. Others are as high as 6 feet.
TRANSFER: Qualifying for the semi or main events.
WHOOP-DE-DOOS: Three or more short jumps placed one after the other.


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