Hunterdon County BMX
2005 Final Point Standings as of 04/18/2010
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Jacket Series

Category: Mens/Boys 20"

156. Vicari, Jonathon 0 1

Category: Ladies/Girls 20"

Rider Points Races

Category: Cruiser

Rider Points Races

As of: 05-Nov-05

Rules for the 2005 HCBMX Jacket series.

Top 25 Class riders
Top 5 Cruisers.
Top 5 Girls.
Will be awarded a Track Jacket.
Riders Highlighted in Blue are jacket winners.

All riders have the same point values, Beginner, Novice, Expert, Cruiser and Girls all get 50 points for 1st place moto finishes.

All riders must race at least 10 or more of the local races held at the Flemington Track.

NOTE: Some riders are jacket winners by attendance over points.
Which means if you have raced less then 10 you can drop from the Top catagory for rider who has 10 or more races.
The same holds true in tie breaker situations. 

If you are a jacket winner please contact with your jacket size.

(To submit a points protests Cut on Dotted line) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2003 HC BMX Points Protest Form
Name _______________________ Class ______________ Age ____ NBL# _____________
Address _____________________________________________
City ____________________ State _____ Zip ___________
Phone ____________________ Fax ______________________
My Record as of _____________ Shows _____________ Points.
Dates / Races in Question ___________________________________________________
Problem - ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Please Bring this form with you the next time you come to the Flemington Track.
Take it to the Registration Trailer.



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