Located in Flemington, New Jersey

The track uses an air piston gate. Has a cement starting area with a paved starting hill followed by quarry dust covered straights with paved turns.  It is a down hill track and very fast once the jumps are learned.

April  27, 2002

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Brief Track History

During the first three weekends of April, 1981, twenty-five to thirty volunteer dads, moms, children and local businessmen constructed the race track with literally hundreds of volunteer hours by parents and children ranging in age from 5 to 16. The course itself was laid out and designed by former Freeholder and Township Engineer, Frank Bohren.

During the 1990 race season, we were notified by the Hunterdon County Freeholders that they had plans for a warehouse on the very location of our track!

Once we received permission to use the property and had it staked out by the Freeholders, we enlisted the help of Bob Tedesco, CEO of the National Bicycle League. Bob came to build the track in its present location.

If your at the track and look back towards the library you can still see to original starting hill and tower.

As you will see (if you pay us a visit), it is now 7 years later, and the track has had several face lifts. Recently the late Steven Bevins played a major roll in track development.

In 1996 Hunterdon County BMX held its first NBL Regional race.

On October 18, 1997 HCBMX held its first NBL National Race.

To the memory of Steve Bevins "Build it and they will come!"

For the 1999 Season the Track was been extended.  A new turn and several new jumps.
Note this was the track that help develop the skills of Greg Morgan 1999 BMX World Champion 13 Expert and Cruiser.

At the end of the 2001 season the last two

For the 2002 Season minor changes were made to fine tune the track.

Somebody fill in the Gaps!!!

2004 - Season ended with the Best Cook the track ever had moving back to Wisconsin.

2005 - With a new track directory Matt Danek there has been a rebirth of enthusiasm and track spirit is in the air.

During the 2005 season personnel Matt, Bill, Gail, Andy spent two days in the hottest weather of 2005 temps reaching 100, they toiled in the blazing son a refacing of the HCBMX track.

My heart goes out to these choragus volunteers who have given so much of there time to keep HCBMX one of the best BMX racing facilities in the region.

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