Racing: 5 yrs
Home town: Toms River, NJ
Home Track: Central Jersey BMX
Team: MCS
Class: 13 Expert

Bikes: Grave Digger Expert
Hurricane Jr Crusier

Favorite Tracks: South Park, Orlando BMX, Flemington BMX, Tri City BMX, Kingston Point BMX, Central Jersey BMX, Egg harbor BMX,
Sponsored by MCS
Cosponsored by  ODI Grips, Oddysey, Profile, UGP, Hammer Pads, Sun Rims

Goals: To do the best I can at every race, and to someday turn Pro and to Have Fun!

2000 Ranking:
NBL: National #1 (class)
National #1 (cruiser)
US Open #1 (96, 97, 98)
NJ #1 Class / Cruiser (96, 97, 98, 99, 00)

ABA National #4 Class #9 Cruiser
Gold Cup #1 Class
NJ #1 Class / Cruiser

Other interests:

Motorcycle Racing


706789-12a.jpg (98349 bytes) Colin and Phil Jumping the Big Double at Flemington BMX Track

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